Different books while getting a massage

Massage parlors are not places you just walk in and out. It is a place where when you visit; time is not a hindrance and all you need is to relax and enjoy professional touch in different body parts to make your nerves and muscles relax. It could be you are visiting when you are planning a cycling session, or you are just from the ride, or even just to experience some nerve pleasure. You can never dictate the time you take at the parlor because you may not know the level of tension and adhesions your muscles might have which in turn determines the time the message expert will take to put them in shape. Instead, sit, relax and enjoy the pleasure of the happiness feeling of a massage therapy that is being offered  cause the parlor chose the right Massage Table. The best way is to get a book, read and enjoy the message. Why read books? Books preach and inform us of some of the things we may have overlooked. It may also remind us of what we already know and yet we ignore. What are some of the books you can read while in a massage parlor? Here are some of the genre of books you might enjoy reading while someone activates your muscles and straightens your tendons and ligaments.

 Motivational books

You may have experienced a heart-breaking situation in the recent past. It could be divorce, separation, loss of a loved one or a job. You peruse through the bookshelf on the parlor and come across a book entitled “how to go through a job loss”. You will just breath a sign of relief and say it is fate that made you make the choice of visiting that specific parlor. Once at the parlor waiting for your turn, your mind is buried in the book and inwardly start making decisions going forward while you realize some of the mistakes and what you still have not done. It is your turn and the book is timely; before you know it, you are almost halfway the book -if you are a fast reader. The happiness hormones the massage stimulates further, such that you consume the message with passion.

Fiction books

Fiction books communicate the ideal world, but it has some real examples which you can emulate in the real world. The fantasy it portrays makes you stay in your world to an extent you don’t even realize the pain as a result of the long strokes during the massage sessions. It also deviates your mind from the current challenges and places it in a world free from trouble.

Spiritual books

We can never forget our spiritual well-being despite our different religious affiliations. Spiritual books give us hope and strengthen our faith in supernatural God we believe in.


While enjoying your massage you can also use your smartphone and go to a blog you have bookmarked for future reading.


Books and any other reference materials build our knowledge in various subjects to ensure our time at the massage parlor is well spent at the same time some sense of wisdom is pumped in our brain.

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