Never mind when you have just bought a camera and you have no idea on how you will use it. Every manufacturer understands this phenomenon and attaches a manual inside the box of the camera. The book manual contains all the details and procedures of the camera settings to guide your step towards an effective use of the device. Having looked at a few alternatives, this is the overall format for most camera manuals. The first page has a table of contents on various chapters in the manual; in the first page it has a graphical presentation of the camera with a well-labeled diagram of various parts of the camera; the second chapter is the acknowledgment chapter. Some manuals use alphabetical letters for subsequent mentioning within the manual as a point of reference, instead of repeating the name all through the subsequent sections of the manual.



As you proceed, the manual displays the work of each part of the camera. The next section shows how the detachable parts and displays how to open the battery port (in case it uses rechargeable batteries) It also shows the charging point in case it uses electricity). At the end of these sections, you are able to switch on the camera and probably take a shot based on defaults settings of the camera. You now need to take a camera shot like a professional photographer. At this point, you go to the settings section of the manual hand follow instruction while you take pictures as you become keen on the different in the image quality, balance and contrast of the final image.


Now that you are no longer a beginner in using the camera, take some time and practice what you have learned in the camera settings and functions to get a clear camera shot on different backgrounds, light intensity, indoor and outdoor environments with an aim of learning on proper usage of the camera. Remember you are in class, have a practical solution on how the camera works on different phenomena.


The final section of the manual entails warnings and precautions on storage, usage and general handling measures of the gadget. This is when you know whether the camera is shock and waterproof or not, Follow the precautions to the latter to avoid camera damage and enhance its durability.


Depending on the country of manufacture, some developers opt to duplicate the same information in different languages to meet diverse market, although, English and French are the most universally used for most continents.


What is the importance of a manual?

  • It proves originality of the gadget- brand new
  • It ensures you have the correct camera that is packaged
  • It provides relevant information on usage, storage, sanitation of the photographing device

Once you have the manual at hand, you do not need any formal education to operate it. Read instruction and follow them to the latter. In case you find any difficulty, there are contact details, use the most convenient forms of communication and be patient for a response before you take it to a technician. In case you follow instructions and you realize there is a problem, it could be a manufacturer’s default, return it with a warranty form for a replacement.




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