In the journey of life, we come across many things which teach us lessons of life. It depends on us which path we choose for ourselves to follow the path of our journey. When we talk about paths, we can only conclude two paths namely positive’ and negative’. Positive paths are always difficult to lead as they demand a lot of discipline, sacrifices, and dedication whereas negative paths come with easy options which lead us to success in no time by wrong means. We can differentiate between these paths by following the path of “Books and Guns”. Books and Guns are the best combinations of positive path and negative path. They can easily show us the difference between positive and negative.



What are books? Books are the best form of communication in terms of explaining and sharing valuable knowledge with anyone. Through books, we learn about different views in a different structure from different authors. Books come in various categories to enlighten our knowledge in every field or term possible. Books teach us about numerous learning of life, helping us in evolving as a better human.

Books guide us to positivity. They can become our best friends if taken seriously. The true meaning of life resides in a book. When it comes to a new learning about life and learning the positive end of a negative mindset, books emerges as the real helper and guide. They can guide you with the years of experiences, exposure, the ability to think, the ability to communicate and understand what is right and what is wrong. When understood correctly books prove to the best form of meditation as well. A positive mind always stays healthy and fresh to achieve new heights. You can achieve an unusual strength through the way of books. The best guidance and a best friend always come in the form of a good book’.



Can guns become anyone’s friend in real life? Can guns ever guide you in a positive direction? Can anyone have home safe for gun? The answer is a big NO! What are guns for? Guns are used to kill people, they are used to kill our own kind, and we become monsters and the biggest enemy of humanity with the usage of guns though many says it helps you protect yourself everywhere you go. Guns can never guide anyone in the right direction rather they lead to a negative path guiding you to the door of hell. Life can be understood with the help of guns, so erase your questions about which scope is the best can it can never do good. When a person is killed with a gunshot, it does not kill that particular person but also kills takes the lives of their families. One gunshot can emerge as the biggest enemy to many people and can destroy families.

We always need to make a choice between books and guns. One can lead you in a positive direction and one can lead you in a negative direction. One can make your life by guiding you through the ups and downs, highs and lows of life and one can spoil your life by guiding you to murdering people in the name of materialistic things. So make a right choice in between Books’ and Guns’.

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