About Us

Founder, Mission, And Vision

Ann Jacobs

My name is Ann Jacobs, the founder of annjacobs.us. A one-stop site for writers in all genres. I have been in this industry for three decades. In my experience, I have seen the industry grow from traditional media to the current media, where social media is the craze on social cycles.

The funny and ambiguous social media posts s the drive to the establishment of this site. I see how people use slang language to communicate, even on corporate media platforms, to speak to the target audience, and I felt the old rules need to be in place to bring sanity to the industry.

I’m a graduate in Mass Communication with a specialization in print media. I, therefore, want to enlighten upcoming writers on the dos and don’ts in the industry to have a higher percentage of professional followers.


Our mission is to be a renowned site and point of reference for a writer in the industry’s emerging trends to make them relevant in the profession.


It’s our vision to have authors, freelance writers, and print journalists who are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and professional expertise in the industry.