7 Ways Introverted Writers Can Have Inspiring Fun

Most writers are introverts in nature because writing demands a level of concentration and creative expression of thought. Introverts are also great listeners, which builds the pathway for massive information processing. It’s no surprise that most introverted writers are isolated and almost lose touch with the outside world. Successful authors do research, manage their time, and work in solitude because it helps with self-reflection, clarity of thought, and focus. However, isolation shouldn’t equate a life of boredom.

Why You Need Some Relaxation

Writing can be hectic and uses a lot of mind juice that we need to refill often. For an introverted writer, he is continually building a new idea to pen down whenever he grabs his notepad. Introverts will need some refueling after networking to be productive again. Remember that book club meetings aren’t the only fun you can have as a writer. Some of the ways you can enjoy the day blissfully when not scribbling are listed below.

Ways Introverted Writers Can Have Inspiring fun

1.    Backyard Barbecue 

Barbecues are great because the meat roasting process is an excellent avenue for bonding. As an introvert, you still need human interaction to help with personal development and what’s better than a little get together at your backyard or even a friend’s place. All you need to get this house party going is a large cooking area. Introverts can feel overwhelmed by lots of people, so it’s best always to hang around familiar faces while grilling and chilling.

2.    Join a Sports Group

It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone sometimes and flex your muscles with familiar faces or strangers with a common interest. Physical activities will help strengthen your bones and also build a cognitive stance for better creativity. Writers are likely to sit at one spot for long when working—joining a basketball team, soccer or tennis team, swimming, or hiking helps ease off the tension.

3.    Create the World in Photos

A picture can create a thousand words, so when you are out on a solo walk, you can take a picture of memorable places and things that connects to your soul. Photography helps you view the world in your spectrum because you decide what goes into your picture frame. When you take pictures of animals, artifacts, or things, you can write your thoughts down on paper anytime you wish. The good news is that you don’t need to invest in an expensive camera because your smartphone can take good pictures.

4.    Volunteer at Your Favorite Spot

When you give back to the community through community services, the animal shelter cares, orphanage homes visit, you tend to get inspiration on new ideas to write on. Introverts are lone wolves energized by their alone time. As an introvert, if you enjoy finding rescue animals and taking them to shelter. The act of helping can help stir your compassion and ignite points for the next pet story. You can also get your hands dirty with gardening to feel warm soil.

5.    Play Indoor Games

A fun thing to do is engage in some mind-blowing indoor games like chess, Rubik’s cubes, Monopoly, or word puzzles. The indoor game is an excellent way to challenge your mental strength and have fun with family and friends. Introverts love these games because they need brainpower and require little to no outing. Also, less than five people can always sit around a table and play any of these games.

6.    Listen to Podcast

You might not be a great speaker, but listening to podcasts that teach essential elements about the world we live in is a fun way to stay updated. Make a list of your best podcasts on Apple, Spotify, or Sound cloud; you can always tune in for a delightful online discussion. The good thing about Podcasts is that you are permitted to imagine scenes just by following the audio. It’s a beautiful, imaginative flow of words afterward.

7.    Take an Alone Trip

There is a lot of stress released when we get in touch with nature and step out of our comfort zone. As an introvert, a solo trip to a destination of your choice is a fun idea. With the right planning and budget, traveling will sharpen your experience and yield seeds to be planted in writing. When on a trip, we can eat whatever and talk to anyone without the pressure of familiar faces around.


Being an introverted writer s never an excuse to stay at home all day reading and to write without any physical or mental activity. Follow the steps above to find ways you can have fun while building inspiration for your next book.


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