5 Ways Writers Can Stay Inspired and Motivated

Are you experiencing writers’ block or lack of motivation?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Motivation is the key to writing successfully.


You need inspiration, encouragement, energy, and support to achieve your writing goals.

However, writing prospects sometimes lack excitement. Other times, you lose sight of what’s important.

Your BEST MOMENTS as a writer is when ideas and thoughts flow out of your head to come up with a winning piece.


Writers easily get trapped in a pit or block where their minds become blank. Your burn out and lose ideas no matter how hard you try to start writing. You just CAN’T control your mind when it’s not willing to do what you want.

Intrinsic motivation components, according to researchers, include a sense of choice, meaningfulness, progress, and competence. Although nobody is born with these senses, you can develop them to help keep you motivated as a writer.

Psychology helps hone the negative things you inherit from your family genetically.

As a writer or author, you’re bound to struggle with a lack of motivation from time to time. Therefore, you need various techniques and tools in your arsenal to help overcome obstacles such as:

Whether you’re trying to write your first book, an article or working on your nth book, here’re tips to help you challenge writer’s block and stay motivated:

5 Simple Tips to Challenge Yourself for Increased Motivation, Inspiration and Productivity

  1. Get rid of all forms of distractions

Technology is a major form of distraction that writers face. If you work from home, neglected house chores also cause distractions.

Set a timer or an alarm to keep writing for at least an hour without distractions. Take breaks in between to help you recharge and stay motivated.

Switch off your phone or set it to silent mode to avoid distractions. Do the same for other gadgets such as TV, radio, etc.

  1. Get inspiration from other experienced writers

Many authors, such as Napoleon Hill, have written books on motivation. For instance, Napoleon’s “Think and Grow Rich” is a powerful tool for motivation.

The book features several analogies you can reference to support your article or book. It compares rich and popular people to outline and support important points.

Which people do you value? Look to them for examples to use in your book. As a result, you integrate artistic thinking with critical thinking.

Reading books written by your favorite authors is a great way to stay inspired and motivated as a writer.

  1. Drink lots of soft water

Water is life and a critical aspect of keeping your body hydrated.

According to various studies, water can improve your physical performance and brain function. It can also treat and prevent your headaches, with the aim of boosting your motivation.

The best water softeners can help you make your well or hard water soft and safe for drinking. The water softeners also come with the added benefit of protecting your plumbing fixtures in the house.

  1. Setup a space dedicated to writing

If you work remotely or write from your house, balancing your work-life in the same space isn’t easy. It worsens when working on a personal writing project.

You can easily be tempted to work from bed or your couch, especially when your writing motivation drops.

Create a dedicated writing workspace at home to make it easy to focus and stay motivated. It’ll keep you on track and your mind productive to continue writing. Consider:

  • Buying a lap desk for use when on a screenplay
  • Setting up a desk dedicated to writing
  • Using your dining room table
  1. Join a community of writers

Writing is solitary and lonely.

You spend lots of time alone with your mind. Although that’s the nature of writing, solitary life can lead to a sense of isolation, frustration, and lack of motivation.

Join a community of writers to connect with people of the same mind to re-enter the real world and get inspired. You won’t just be inspired by the works of other writers or authors but also get reaffirmation, motivation, and refreshment from the different personalities.

Find writers from your area or those that inspire you to begin a joint project, discussion or friendship. Apart from joining a community of writers, you can also do the following to get inspired:

  • Join a local or state Centre for writers
  • Take part in social media writing forums
  • Attend literary events, festivals, workshops and classes
  • Exchange work with other authors for feedback


Hopefully, you found these tips useful to reignite your motivation and inspiration to write. Share your passion and art of writing with your peers. You’ll find out that it’s a normal obstacle for many authors, and you can easily overcome a lack of motivation.

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