357 Magnum Revolvers Books

Y0773_2The 357 Magnum Revolver is a simple yet powerful double-action revolver that’s used has become widespread across the US since it’s introduction.

A large number of books based on various topics from the design and usage of the weapon, to the reloading and stopping force of the magnum revolvers have been written.
The history of the 357 Magnum Revolver
“Magnum: The-S&W .357-Magnum Phenomenon”, a book written by author Timothy J. Mullin is one of the most popular books about the history of the Magnum revolver. The book covers the design of the various 357 magnums as well as describes a brief history of where the weapons originated and what their intended purposes were.
Many of the books 24 chapters are also dedicated to the pre-war registered and non-registered models, describing them in detail and acting as a guide for modern day collectors of the guns. One of the other factors contributing to the popularity of the book is the serial number database of these pre-war Magnums that is featured towards the end of the book. Together these features make the book perfect for collectors seeking to expand their knowledge.
Reloading of bullets and gunpowder
The US-based company Gun Guides released a book titled “Reloading-Guide For Revolvers” in 2007. The book explains in great detail the structure and basic reloading principles of not only the 357 Magnum but three other popular calibers as well. The book covers both loadings of bullets and gunpowder, with a detailed guide designed for the gun user to follow along with the steps as the guide directs them.
This book is well suited to beginners who have recently acquired a 357 Magnum, or current users who wish to gain more knowledge about the different bullet and powder loading procedures.
Analysis and modifications
A second hardcover book was written by Timothy J. Mullin, “Colt’s New-Service Revolver: A Particularly-Strong, Heavy-Weapon,” was released in 2009. Following the success of his first book, this book touches on the rare models used in service, including the various specially marked Magnum Revolvers that were used by the US Border Patrol.
The book features famous users of the Magnum Revolvers, among other weapons, throughout history and provides a breakdown of common after-market modifications. The analysis of value given by the author of the various weapons throughout this book makes it a very informative read for anyone interested in Magnum Revolvers and Colt New Service Revolvers alike.
Information on calibers and stopping force
The most popular book released in 2012 by Max Prasac is the paperback “Big-Bore Revolvers.” This book is a detailed and informative read complete with detailed descriptions, reviews, and diagrams on various weapons. The 357 Magnum revolver is discussed in great detail, with particular attention being given to the calibers and the stopping force of the magnum revolvers. With its broad range of information, this book is aimed at new as well as existing users.
The various books published highlighting the 357 Magnum Revolver provide detailed information on a vast range of aspects. The books mentioned serve as a guide for novice gun users wishing to learn more about the weapon and its functionality, while experienced gun users and collectors can gain exclusive information and further expand on their current knowledge.

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