Be A Writer
Writing is the future of education. When you get to the search engine for information, have you ever asked who writes all this information? That is the work of a writer. Did you know that there are millions of citizens earning good salaries from writing? Information is power.
Be A Blogger
Once you have the right knowledge, access to services, and getting on life track becomes simple. Communication is through words needs basic or intermediate or expert knowledge depending on your target audience.
Be Everything
Writing for a professional audience requires an expert. Information writing requires you to be street smart. Are you passionate about writing? Do you want to turn your hobby or passion into employment?

What is writing?

Writing simply means communication through words. You can type it on a computer or handwrite it the message is still home.

However, outing words together isn’t enough; you need to have the rules and tips to become a renowned writer in the authorship cycles.

Good writing skills involve proper grammar, the right vocabulary, correct punctuation, engagement, and clarity of the information.

Kinds of writing

It’s a formal write you that involved comparing and analyzing the differences in a controversial subject.

A type of paper that involves use of logic and reasoning in getting to the roots of the subject.

It’s a type of writing that involves a comprehensive explanation and detailed report of the subject.

A type of writing based on a storyline with moral teachings.

A type of writing that involves analysis and brainstorming sessions of the subject matter.

Different writing platforms


The internet is the source of information. It's also a platform to get writing freelancers and clients in equal measure. How will people know yours wring skills? A blog is your website and a point of reference for people who would like to hire your writing services. Make it informational to drive traffic for passive income. Moreover, depending on the number of traffic, companies can opt to advertise on your blog, and that's real income. It's best to define your genre to be renowned for a particular discipline.

Mainstream Media House

Before the advent of technology, traditional media houses had all the monopoly to control the content. Through magazines, newspapers, journals, and newsletters, you can write for them as permanent writers or ghostwriters, but they claim ownership.

Writing sites

Individuals and companies who need writing services now opt to hire services from renowned writing companies. They are three formats. First, it's a take account where the employer states her instructions with the amount they are willing to pay, and you click to take the order. Once they approve your content, you get the cash. Secondly, it's a bidding account here the employer makes decisions on the writer for their job based on the highest bidder. Lastly, is when you write your content and post?

Social media

The uncontrolled platform in writing s the social media where people open a Facebook account as an individual or a company and posts anything that is of value to their audience. All obscene, factual, relevant, and irrelevant content is found here. It's an uncontrolled platform where people have no control of what they post, including the five writing rules.

Book publishing

In ancient times, books were the primary source of information. Before you publish a book, it had to pass through many professional hands to prove authenticity in the area of expertise. That is where all rules of writing are strictly adhered to and are followed to the latter. Book authoring is still relevant in modern society. It's the best place where you are sure of the content's authenticity since publishing houses are held responsible for any mistake in the books.